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MIAB was established in 1989, and has since then been a leader in the development of  VOC related air purification systems. Our experience is based on many years of production within the industry.

MIAB`s philosophy is to deliver VOC abatement systems that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and have lower installation costs compared to other systems.


MIAB has developed an innovative process for the control of Volatile Organic Compound, VOC, emissions from industrial processes. The MIAB system provides a cost effective approach to control low concentrations of VOCs in high-volume air streams. The MIAB system concentrate the solvent vapors on activated carbon followed by catalytic oxidation. The VOC is oxidized in the catalytic unit without the need for supplemental power and the heat can be recovered for use in the process.











This type of purification system is suitable for large air flows with low concentrations of solvents.


Typical range of volyme is 15 000- 250 000 m3/h and concentration range from 0 to 1 000 mg/m3.








Purification of process air with activated carbon. This system is suitable for relatively small air flows and small amounts of VOC.


Typical range of volyme is 1 000 - 20 000 m3/h and a VOC loading up to 10 tons/year.

A purification system where the process air is purified by means of catalytic oxidation.


This system is suitable for small process air flows with a high concentration of VOC.


Typical range of volyme is 500 – 12 000 m3/h with concentrations from 1 g/m3  to 12 g/m3.

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