Environmental directives

Several EU directives and regulations affects our VOC abatement units.

Here is an introduction to some of the most common EU directives. You can also click through the links in the text to read more.


Our VOC abatement units can help you to meet the IED directive and related BAT requirements. ​

Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), 2010/75/EU, means tightening the requirements to apply the best available technology (BAT) and to report emissions of pollutants compared with the old directive, IPPC. IED- Directive is implemented in Swedish law through industrial emissions regulation, SFS 2013:250.

So-called BAT-conclusions with emission values becomes binding requirements to follow for IED operations. Which operations are IED-operations are controlled by Environmental Testing Regulation SFS 2013:251, where an operation with operation code marked "-i" is an IED operation. Detailed IED information is available at www.naturvardsverket.se (the Environmental Protection Agency).

According to the Naturvårdsverket (the Environmental Protection Agency) shall BAT-conclusions be used as reference for permits. The BAT-conclusions should apply directly after they have been announced. A four-year period shall not be awaited after the BAT-conclusions has been announced.

Our suppliers and requirements for substances in products

We do follow-ups with our suppliers of e.g. electrical equipment and stainless steel, ensuring that our VOC abatement units follows the standards we are affected by for substances in products; in REACH, RoHS and in the biocide regulation.




In the REACH- regulation, EG nr 1907/2006 we are affected e.g. of the requirements on knowledge of the substances in articles in our products (VOC abatement units). The requirements are among others in kandidatförteckningen  (Candidate List) and XVII. The Candidate List are updated approximately every six months by ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency, see additional information on the www.kemi.se. REACH Regulation.

RoHS II- Directive

In RoHS II- directive (2011/65/EU) there are rules for certain hazardous chemicals in electrical and electronic equipment. RoHS II- directive is implemented in Swedish law among other by the regulation of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, SFS 2012:861. Information about RoHS II can be found on www.kemi.se We are affected by the requirement of knowledge of any of the substances in the electronics we use in our VOC abatement units.


Biocide Regulation

The Biocide Regulation, EG nr 528/2012 affects us mainly about the demand of

knowledge of any of the materials in our VOC abatement units is treated by a biocide. The requirements are partly new from 2017, see further information on www.kemi.se