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By working with automation solutions for many years, we have a broad experience in various automation problems, and how to best address them.


The combination of experience, the right purchase prices, quality installation and documentation and low starting costs are some criteria so the total solution for you can be optimal.


We have years of experience designing and building electrical equipment to various machinery and equipment. This provides a good opportunity to find the best solution to your automation problems, in terms of price and performance.



We create diagrams such as cabinet layout, equipment lists, circuit diagrams and schemes using cadprogrammet Elprocad IC.



We select the PLC that best meet customer needs. This is done taking into consideration the function, price and previous PLC habit of the customer.



We build control cabinets with components from well-known brands, connect and labels in accordance with applicable IEC standards.

We can also adapt the construction for the customer's own standard or wiring diagram.

Electrical mounting

We have the authority to make electrical installations, but we also cooperate with local electrical contractors.



Commissioning is an important part of the overall solution, to test all input features, and also to get a receipt that the customer is satisfied with the delivery.



We have many years experience of practical operation of electrical systems.

Thanks to that, we have a good knowledge of how to best troubleshoot the various electrical equipment, old and new.

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