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The air purification unit of MIAB is fully automatic and demands a minimum of surveillance and control.


As production in the factory begins, the air purification unit start automatically into operation.
When production is stopped, the purification unit, sensing the lack of solvent emissions, shuts itself down.

All the necessary hardware and software needed for the operation of
the unit are included in the delivery.

The purification unit is controlled by a PLC monitored by sensors in the system. The PLC continuously verifies the accuracy of the programmed parameters. This is crucial to maintain the expected high degree of purification.


With the assistance of the operating system, the customers operators can remotely control the air purification unit. If assigned to MIAB, our operators can monitor the unit over internet connection.

All parameters can with short notice, be changed or adjusted to achieve an optimum level of performance.

Plant operating parameters are simoultaneously recorded for the customers files and for the reporting to the regulatory authorities.

Examples of parameters recorded are amount of oxidised VOC, energy consumption, availability, cleaning efficiency, alarm and all process related info such as temperatures and pressure drop over the unit.


Any discrepancy will automatically be reported from the integrated control system by e-mail to MIAB service center.


The picture below shows the screen of the operating system. In this view, all process parameters are indicated. The process diagram continuously displays the status of the unit and all parameters are easily accessed for adjustment or exchange of values.


The MIAB system normally use Mitsubishi or Siemens PLC.
On request other types of PLC can be delivered.

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